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Published on 7 April 2024 at 18:43

My evaluation system for beers typically involves assessing various characteristics such as appearance, aroma, taste, mouthfeel, and overall impression. Here's a basic outline of such a system:


Color: Evaluate the beer's color and clarity. Note whether it's pale, amber, brown, or dark, and whether it's clear or hazy.
Head: Assess the thickness, persistence, and color of the foam on top of the beer.


Identify the aroma's intensity and complexity.
Note any specific aromas such as hops, malt, yeast, fruit, spice, or floral notes.
Consider whether the aroma is balanced and harmonious.



Flavor: Evaluate the beer's flavor profile, including sweetness, bitterness, acidity, and any specific flavor notes detected.
Balance: Assess the balance between malt sweetness, hop bitterness, and other flavors.
Complexity: Note the depth and complexity of flavors.
Aftertaste: Evaluate the lingering flavors and finish of the beer.



Body: Assess the beer's mouthfeel in terms of its thickness, viscosity, and fullness.
Carbonation: Evaluate the level of carbonation and its contribution to the overall mouthfeel.
Texture: Note any perceived smoothness, creaminess, or astringency.


Overall Impression:

Consider the beer's overall drinkability, enjoyment, and appeal.
Reflect on how well it aligns with the style guidelines or expectations for its type.
Provide an overall rating or score based on your assessment of its qualities.
Additional Considerations:


Style Guidelines: Evaluate the beer based on recognized style guidelines for its type (e.g., BJCP guidelines for beer styles).
Context: Consider factors such as serving temperature, glassware, food pairings, and the setting in which the beer is being evaluated.
Consistency: If evaluating multiple batches or samples of the same beer, assess consistency and quality control measures.
This evaluation system provides a structured framework for assessing beers comprehensively and consistently. It can be adapted and expanded based on personal preferences, expertise, and the specific goals of the evaluation.


Welcome and enjoy.

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